How To Monitor The Effect Of High Pressure Steam Autoclave

How To Monitor The Effect Of High Pressure Steam Autoclave

How to monitor the effect of high pressure steam autoclave?Need a certain monitor standard,got three following ways:

First is the technology monitoring,called program monitoring.Based on the autoclave installed gauge(pressure gage,thermometer,timer),chart,indicator,alarm ect,to check autoclave working or not.This method can point out the bug of autoclave promptly,but not make sure if the goods to be sterilized reach the sterilizing requirement.This method as a routine monitoring method, should be carried out every time sterilization.

The second is the chemical indicator monitoring . Using chemical indicator in a certain temperature and reaction time under the conditions of heat discoloration or deformation characteristics , to determine whether the parameters required to achieve sterilization .

Commonly used are : 1 ) self- temperature tube: crystals of certain chemicals sealed in a glass tube ( length 2cm, diameter of 1 ~ 2mm) is made. Common agents are benzoic acid ( melting point 121-123 ℃) and so on. Sterilization , when the humidity rises to the melting point of the drug , i.e. melting of the crystal tube and afterwards, although the cooled and then solidified , and its shape is still unmelted crystalline phase difference, this method can only indicate the temperature , does not indicate whether the duration of heat have been met , and therefore minimum standards. Article is mainly used for packaging the monitoring center .

2) 3M pressure sterilization indicator tape : This tape printed with instructions oblique white line pattern , is a sterile affixed outside of the package to be sterilized in a special color tape . Paste surface dressing can be firmly closed package , metal box or glass article of 20 minutes at 121 ℃ , 130 ℃ for 4 minutes after the tape 100% color ( black stripe pattern that appears diagonal stripes ) . Click to check more .3M tape both for goods packaging surface condition monitoring , but also for the monitoring of the packaging center , you can also replace the pins, clips or tape to use .

The third is a biological indicator monitoring . The use of heat-resistant non-pathogenic bacterial spores as indicator bacteria to determine the effect of heat sterilization . Bacillus stearothermophilus strains with the bacteria Bacillus strong resistance to heat , the thermal death time and the strongest resistance to pathogenic microorganisms similar botulinum spores . Biological indicators are spore suspension Bacillus bacteria plate and sheet, and mixed medium of instruction pipe . Testing should use standard test packets, each packet center position biological indicator 2 , on the sterilizer chamber 5 points , namely , the middle point of the center of each one , the lower the before, during and after a point . After sterilization , remove the biological indicator , bromocresol purple inoculated glucose peptone water medium , set 55-60 ℃ incubator for 48 hours to 7 days observations final result. If the color unchanged after culture , clear and transparent , indicating that spores have been killed . Reached the sterilization requirements . If turns yellow turbid , meaning spores not killed , sterilization failed.

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