P3 Laboratory Sterilizers Introduction

P3 Laboratory Sterilizers Introduction

P3 laboratory biosafety level three laboratory. Biological safety laboratory according to the damage degree of different microorganisms and their toxins, can be divided into 4 levels, one level is the lowest, the highest level four. A laboratory is generally applicable to non pathogenic role in healthy adult microorganism; two level suitable for medium potentially harmful microorganisms on people and the environment; three level applies mainly through respiratory pathways that people infected with severe or fatal disease pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins; four level suitable for dangerous height on the human body, spread by aerosol path or route of transmission is unknown, the pathogenic microorganism is no effective vaccine or treatment or its toxin.

The P3 laboratory is the highest laboratory safety protection, requirements for laboratory is also very high, usually require autoclaves, inoculating loop sterilizer, epoxy ethane sterilizer, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization etc.. Due to the sterilization products requiring high and not every brand can satisfy this requirement, if the construction of the laboratory, especially the international certification P3 laboratory is best to buy imported products, of course, such costs are very expensive, below I will see about for P3 lab products.


The first is the German Systec products, as the world’s best sterilizer company, Systec is the first to bear the brunt of the double door series, DS is an excellent choice for P3 laboratory, double door in full compliance with the P3 laboratory sterile requirements, but know the price before you are fully prepared oh, 90L sterilizer dealers purchase price 30000 euro, 150L to 40000 euros to 50000 euros, 200L.Feel free to click on http://www.autoclavesale.com/ to get details. Germany MBT autoclaves and the United States of America, Terry set can also select the range, the price is slightly lower, but converted into yuan to several hundred thousand dollars.

Dry heat sterilizer — inoculating loop sterilizer

The United States of America KENDALL inoculating loop sterilizer is designed for the P3 laboratory, with professional certification, the price is very high, dealers to buy to 5000 yuan, the market price is 5500, while the ordinary import dry heat sterilizer price as long as 2000 yuan, almost no profit, but regular P3 laboratory is the best choice of the sterilizer.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer

It can be applied to the P3 Laboratory of ethylene oxide sterilizer, only Japan and the United States of America Misaki Sato 3M production, the price is very high, with ethylene oxide sterilizer price to $500000 Misaki Sato 250L double door P3 laboratory, while 3M to more than million, because the price is too high, so the two manufacturers produced little door products, but can according to the customer request custom-made

The P3 laboratory is a stranger that not well-known to the world, a fan of thick door let this little lab isolated from the outside world, mysterious and quiet, the products also have very high demand, product price high is worth, if you are preparing to construct the P3 laboratory to choose sterilization equipment, please find us, we provide the cheapest product safety performance of P3 laboratory highest for you, pack your satisfaction! Days were medical provide first-class products for your lab!

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