Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dry Heat Sterilization And Moist Heat Sterilization

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dry Heat Sterilization And Moist Heat Sterilization

Due to the high temperature steam heat latent heat , penetrating power, easy or coagulation protein denaturation , thus the high efficiency of the method of sterilization than dry heat sterilization .

There are three reasons : ① coagulation proteins related to the temperature required for its water content , the greater the water content , the lower the temperature required for coagulation . Moist heat sterilization of bacterial proteins absorb moisture , so dry compared to the same temperature as the hot air is easy to set.

② moist heat sterilization process steam release a lot of latent heat , and improve humidity. Thus the desired heat than dry heat sterilization temperature is low , as at the same temperature, the heat than dry heat sterilization time is short .

③ heat penetration than dry heat large, it can reach deep sterilization temperature , the thermal effect is better than dry heat . More details on .So pasteurized not simply look at sterilization temperatures , mainly to see whether the heat disinfection. In addition, from the use of perspective, heat sterilization is generally controlled 90 ° C can be achieved in a very thorough disinfection , the entire disinfection process all attachments are not removed within the incubator , can all be disinfected ; rather dry heat sterilization in order to achieve more good results, temperatures are generally in the 100 ° C or more, must be taken during the sterilization process in which the temperature sensor , HEPA filter sterilized inside the incubator , etc. , etc. disinfected and then loaded on the end , so that trouble, accessories and can not be disinfected , but also increases the chance of secondary pollution Moreover to reach temperatures above 100 ° C incubator heating wire heating system is bound to bold , which leads to increased difficulty in controlling the temperature of the incubator , uniformity becomes poor.

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