Dry Heat Sterilization Applies Various Sterilization Objects

Dry Heat Sterilization Applies Various Sterilization Objects

( 1 ) dry roasted : use dry oven, heating 160 ~ 180 ℃ 2 hours, can kill all microorganisms, including Bacillus sp. Mainly used for sterilization of glassware , porcelain , etc. .

( 2 ) burning and burning : burning flame directly kill microorganisms suitable for sterilizing inoculation needles are not afraid of hot metal equipment microbiology laboratory . Incineration is thorough disinfection methods , but only dispose of contaminated items , such as unwanted clothing , paper, trash , etc. Incineration should be in a dedicated incinerator .Stay tuned on http://www.autoclavesale.com/ to get more news.

( 3 ) IR : infrared radiation is a 0.77 micron wavelength of the electromagnetic wave to 1000 , a better thermal effect, in particular a thermal effect of the strongest 1-10 micron wavelength . Also considered a dry heat sterilization . IR generated by the infrared lamp , no conduction through the air , the faster the heating rate , the heat radiation effect can only be produced to the surface and therefore can not make an object before and after uniform heating around . Bactericidal effect is similar to an infrared dry heat , temperature and time required likewise sterilized using infrared oven dry roasted . Used for sterilization of medical devices.

People affected by infrared radiation longer feel eyestrain and headaches ; prolonged exposure can cause damage to the eye . Therefore, the working people should at least be able to wear anti- infrared goggles injury .

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