Dry Heat Sterilizer Sterilization Principle

Dry Heat Sterilizer Sterilization Principle

There are high-temperature dry heat microbial oxidation, protein denaturation , dielectric concentrated cause poisoning. Mainly the destruction of cell protoplasm by oxidation , microbial death, so a certain heating time to kill all microorganisms.

    Dry heat can be used to be able to withstand higher temperatures , but should not be steam penetration , heat sterilization or easily damaged items. Meanwhile dry heat is also used in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to the original method of heat . Because at the same temperature , dry heat microbial killing effect is far less than the saturated steam , dry heat sterilization therefore require higher temperatures or longer sterilization times. Dry heat sterilization is mainly used in the field of various types of laboratory , medical, pharmaceutical , food processing.Feel free to log on http://www.autoclavesale.com/ to see more info.

Heat sterilization Discussion

For now, all sterilization methods available , the heat is an application of the earliest and most reliable results , the most widely used method, which can kill all microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa , algae viruses and bacteria more resistant spores, thus sterilized by heat sterilization in industrial importance .

    Thermal methods include moist heat and dry heat . Heat sterilization items in the sterilizer means using pressure steam or other sterilizing medium heat to kill microorganisms , heat sterilization is the most effective and most widely used method . Medicines, liquid, glassware, culture media , dressings, fabric , metal and other equipment when the temperature and humidity do not change or damaged items , can be sterilized by this Act ; rather dry heat sterilization refers to items in dry air heating kill microorganisms reached , usually 160 ~ 170 ℃, 120 min, 170 ~ 180 ℃, 60min, 250 ℃, over 45min under sterile conditions .

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