Several Parts of Dry Heat Sterilizer

Several Parts of Dry Heat Sterilizer

Major equipment dry heat sterilization dry heat sterilizer , sterilization tunnel system . Dry heat sterilization equipment generally consists of the following important components:

1 ) Heater — it is dry heat sterilization equipment major component , good or bad influence on the sterilization effect is enormous.

2 ) high efficiency filter — in dry heat sterilization equipment , inlet filter should be through efficient ; remove dust material produced internal air circulation system requires efficient filter ; prevent backflow of exhaust pollution can also be installed high efficiency filter devices .

3 ) buffer board , air valve , air conditioner or air baffle — buffer board or air baffle to control the dry heat sterilizer air flow , and more installed in the air intake or exhaust duct or near a heater for the positive control dampers can be installed in the exhaust system to prevent backflow of air pollution in the vicinity of high efficiency filter , positive pressure by controlling the amount of exhaust control can also be used to control air flow regulator inlet and exhaust air volume to maintain a positive pressure .Wanna know more about this?Please link to see.

4 ) fan — Dry Heat Sterilizer for air circulation in the affected lot , the wind turbine should be able to measure and adjust .

5 ) the belt (for a continuous process ) — belt speed , dry heat sterilization in the discontinuous transmission system is a very important factor in the sterilization effect .

6 ) Run the chain control system — Dry Heat Sterilizer control system is provided in the chain : door interlock control system ; pressure sensor ; temperature sensing , control, stopping the chain conveyor operation control device so as to ensure that in any case in the case of sterile articles to prevent the sterilization temperature lower than the sterilization occurs through a temperature lower than the design requirements.

7 ) — temperature controller and the recorder in a dry heat sterilization system , the temperature detection sensor , the control , the recording system is the basis of control of sterilization process , the control system must be able to guarantee the sterilization chamber off bacteria can be maintained at a temperature within the range of the set sterilization temperature , the temperature recording system must be detected , the accuracy of the temperature reading sensor system is recorded clearly .

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