The Importance of Sterilization

The Importance of Sterilization

As a developing country , the level of economic and health reasons , for many years there is a big loophole in the hospital infection control, hospital infection occurred since the outbreak of the accident , so many innocent patients infected with other diseases in the medical process, that is iatrogenic disease. Resulting in sterilization of medical devices One main reason for failure of sterilization wrong way, and second, can not meet the requirements of existing clinical AUTOCLAVESALE laboratory sterilizers equipment , the third is a shortage of a small number of expensive medical equipment , disinfection and sterilization cycle time requirements high . China in recent years to strengthen the medical quality management, especially hospital infections , loss of large amounts of health care resources to patients caused great suffering and economic losses, the Ministry of Health has unveiled a number of regulations and technical specifications imposed hospital sterilization management, medical sterilization Yaoxie strict supervision , the result is reflected in the increase of technical content , in line with market functions sterilization equipment needs .
In scientific research, sterilization is not complete will result in failure of the whole experiment , bringing significant loss of money and time to the researchers . Similarly, in pharmaceutical production , inspection and quarantine of crucial aspects of sterilization plays an important role . Therefore, sterilization is by no means a small problem, but plays a key role.

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To prepare sterile work you need to select the excellent quality of sterilization as a guarantee .
☆ Choose high temperature and pressure steam sterilizer Precautions
. Temperature accuracy and uniformity of a
Accuracy refers to the deviation of temperature inside the tattoo sterilization equipment chamber and the set temperature ; uniformity is the temperature deviation in the up and down inside the sterilization chamber . To achieve these two must have a strong temperature control systems and high-precision temperature sensor. Accuracy and uniformity bad sterilizer sterilization is not complete or cause damage to the instrument .
2 Safety

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Sterilizer should have automatic exhaust air , over-temperature overpressure protection , dry protection, leakage protection , runaway self-help and other security features to ensure the safety of its operation
3 . Consumable life of life
Many sterilizer wearing parts ( such as heating pipes, sealing gasket ) of life is very short , and some need to be replaced a few months , causing inconvenience to users, but also caused a long-term economic losses .Check more news on .
In addition, from a long-term considerations, the user should select energy-efficient sterilization .

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