The Main Considerations in The Use of Dry Heat Sterilizer

The Main Considerations in The Use of Dry Heat Sterilizer

Because paper and cotton in the above 180 ℃, easily coke fire, so the dry heat sterilization temperature refrain to 180 ℃.

Because of greaseproof paper under high temperature will produce droplets drip onto electric wire easy to fire, so the dry heat sterilization of glassware with greaseproof paper packaging is prohibited.
Due to the sharp drop in temperature will make glassware broken, so the temperature of the oven only dropped to below 60 ℃, in order to open the oven door.
Items should not be put in the oven too much, so as not to affect the air circulation, leaving the temperature on the thermometer indicates allowed, causing temperatures reach above, below temperature, affect the sterilization effect.

Must be heated well before the door closed, or can not enter the heated working condition ( power off).Stay tuned on .

Sterilization time must be set before the end of the warm-up program, once inside the insulation stage (ie, the timer starts working) before changing the holding time is invalid.

Operation should always observe the meter is functioning properly, a given temperature, time meets the process requirements.

Must be clean and should be regularly cleaned, ready to clear the inside of residual materials.

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