Want to Know Different Kinds of Sterilizing Equipments?

Want to Know Different Kinds of Sterilizing Equipments?

1 ) , steam sterilization equipment
High-pressure steam sterilization equipment is in use the longest history , the most extensive application of a sterile manner , is still widely used today . But it has been carried out in the traditional way has been improved, introduced a way of pulsating vacuum steam sterilization equipment , improve the quality of sterilization and shorten the sterilization cycle.
2 ) , Dry Heat Sterilizer
Dry heat sterilization its place rapidly in the field of sterilization , dry heat sterilizer narrower , so the equipment has certain limitations. However, the dry heat sterilizer capable of sterilizing powder -like objects other sterilization equipment is difficult to achieve .

3 ) , microwave sterilizer
With the need for rapid sterilization in recent years, so the rise in microwave sterilization , and confirmed its unique characteristics, but also belong to the immaturity of microwave sterilization technique needs further research and development.Stay tuned on http://www.autoclavesale.com/ to get the latest news.

4 ) , ethylene oxide sterilization equipment
With the popularity of ethylene oxide sterilization of disposable products and became the second largest major sterilization equipment , which is characterized by low temperatures , humidity , penetration , a feature that is suitable for disposable products manufacturer final product centralized sterilization , and therefore is widely used in the domestic production of disposable medical devices companies . But in recent years have begun to report foreign literature ethylene oxide sterilization equipment is limited to the formulation used , mainly due to: the toxic ethylene oxide , the operator , the environment affects both , there is a reference to the ethylene alkyl can lead to cancer. So for ethylene oxide sterilization needs further research.

5 ) hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer
Hydrogen peroxide ( hydrogen peroxide ) is itself a disinfectant , but as sterilizing media sterilization equipment began in recent years . From the formula of hydrogen peroxide can completely remove toxic or harmful suspects , and the sterilization process is temperature, humidity , fast , fully in line with the future development direction of sterilization equipment , is likely to become ethylene oxide sterilization equipment alternatives.

6 ) , the ozone sterilizer
Ozone air sterilization sterilization sterilization is also popular in recent years, the rise of technology, mainly used in operating rooms and other environments as an alternative to the existing chemical fumigation , ultraviolet radiation and other methods .

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