Key Performance Indicators Pressure Steam Sterilization Of Medical Devices

Key Performance Indicators Pressure Steam Sterilization Of Medical Devices

Pressure steam dental instrument sterilization of medical equipment for all healthcare sectors most widely used kind of sterilization equipment , medical safety and the prevention, control the spread of infectious diseases important part . Its sterilization operations requirements and test monitoring and management is crucial. Therefore, the characteristics and existing detection techniques pressure steam sterilization of medical equipment , improve equipment through the use of technology and new detection methods to achieve pressure steam sterilization of medical equipment for the overall quality control.

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Pressure steam sterilization of medical devices Overview

1 , Introduction and classification

Also known as high-pressure autoclaves sterilizer is essential health units Medical Equipment , it is the use of high-pressure steam sterilization equipment. Suitable for high temperature, high humidity sterilization of medical instruments and items. Pressure steam sterilizer according to the manner and extent of cold air emissions from different exhaust pressure pre-vacuum steam sterilizers and autoclaves divided under two categories .

2 , the basic principle

Sterilization refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to kill or remove all biological emblem on the media, so as to reach the level of sterility . Pressure steam sterilization as a method of moist heat sterilization , is a very efficient method of sterilization . Pressure steam sterilization of bacteria in the body to make protein denaturation or coagulation, kill all bacteria and spores adenoids , so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Under pressure steam sterilizer exhaust the basic principle is to use the principle of gravity displacement steam heat from the top down in the sterilizer , the cold air is discharged from the lower vent , all replaced by saturated steam , the use of the latent heat of the steam release the article to achieve the effect of sterilization.Stay tuned on .

Pre-vacuum steam sterilizer during operation , the first evacuated using mechanical methods , the negative pressure room so sterilizer , steam and heat to penetrate quickly sterilized article inside . Final working pressure up 205.8KPA, or above the temperature reached 132 ℃ begin sterilization, sterilization time after arrival , vacuum drying the sterilization objects quickly . According to a one-time or different times vacuum , divided into two pre-vacuum and pulsation vacuum , the latter due to repeated vacuum, air exclusion more thoroughly , the effect is more reliable.

3 , the basic structure

Different types of pressure steam sterilizer its structure varies, generally can be divided into the main body, four main door seal most of the equipment , piping and control systems are usually prepared for the double-layer metal , in order to ensure a sufficiently high order of the device pressure capability and good thermal insulation capacity ; within the chamber to use more good corrosion resistance of stainless steel , beautiful and durable ; shell using pressure and heat preservation material , requires not only beautiful and durable , but also the heat radiation devices is reduced to a minimum, effective protection of the environment .

Door seal composed mainly of mechanical transmission , rubber seals and safety interlock device installed specially processed to ensure the security and stability of the normal opening of the high-pressure sterilizers , sealing and high temperature environments.

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Pipeline system into steam, air , water and compressed air lines. Autoclave entire process flow of gas liquids pipeline system , complete the pre- vacuum , heat and pressure , pressure relief and a series of sterilization drying step . Condition control system with control , timing , counting, and other control functions step , and mathematical operations and data processing is completed , the monitoring of the sterilization process .

Key performance indicators of the AUTOCLAVESALE sterilizing tattoo equipment process

Completion of the sterilization process three main performance indicators are: temperature, pressure and time. These three parameters are mutually affected joint action . According to the three laws of gas , saturated steam temperature and pressure with a fixed correspondence. The higher the temperature the greater the pressure of saturated water vapor . However, if a certain amount of residual air in the sterilizer , not directly on the magnitude of the pressure determines the temperature of the clinical result is often due to residual air sterilization failure. When the higher the temperature, the time required for sterilization will be shortened . The ultimate effect of sterilization which is determined by the effective temperature and maintaining the article of time.

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