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How to Use the Sterilizer

How to Use the Sterilizer

1 Add the right amount of water into the outer pot, put items need to sterilized into the inner pot, cover the lid and tighten the screw symmetrically.

2 Heat pot to produce steam , when the gauge pointer reaches 33.78kPa, open the exhaust valve, release the cold air ,then the pressure gauge pointer goes down, when it goes down to 0, close the exhaust valve.

3 Continue heating, steam in pot increases, pressure gauge pointer goes up again when the pot pressure hit the desired pressure, reduce the fire, according to the characteristics of the sterilized items, keep the vapor pressure a certain time as required, and then power off or fire off the sterilizer, let it cool and then slowly open the exhaust valve to exclude residual air before opening the lid to extract.

Hot Sterilization

Hot Sterilization

Heating hot saturated steam industrial autoclave sterilization system in a closed sterile container, a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure sterilizing method . If you select the appropriate pressure and sterilization time , the law will be able to kill all bacteria and spores , reliable sterilization effect.

Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave LX-C – Bluestone Ltd.

Heat resistance to a variety of different microorganisms . Bacterial spores bacterial tolerance to heat than the stronger . Saturated steam temperature is higher, the time to achieve the desired purpose of sterilization shorter . However, in an atmospheric pressure boils water , only up to a maximum temperature 100 ℃, unless a very long time , it would be difficult to kill all bacterial spores . To heat the temperature increased to above 100 ℃, hot pressing method is required . The higher the pressure autoclaving , the shorter the time required .Feel free to click on to get more info.

Refers to killing microorganisms in water with high pressure saturated steam heating . This method has a strong sterilization effect , sterilization reliable, can kill all bacteria and spores , all pharmaceutical formulations suitable for high temperature and high pressure steam , glass containers, metal containers , porcelain, rubber plugs , filters, filter and so on.

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In general, the temperature required for sterilization by autoclaving (steam pressure than the table ) for the relationship between time : 115 ° C (67kPa), 30min; 121 ° C (97kPa), 20min; 126 ° C (139kPa), 15min. In exceptional circumstances , the appropriate sterilization time can be confirmed by experiment .

Sterile injection AUTOCLAVESALE dry heat sterilization conditions commonly used are 121 ℃ × 15 minutes or 115 ℃ × 30 min. Others may also be sterile injectable temperature and time parameters , it must ensure that the sterilized preparation SAL ≤ 10-6.

Horizontal Industrial Steam Autoclave

Horizontal Industrial Steam Autoclave From Ukraine

Horizontal Industrial Steam Autoclave, The inner chamber should be 500x500x500 mm or with the diameter permitting to put in a box with mentioned dimensions. Supposed to be utilized in investment casting for melting out the wax out of the mold.

Country/Region: Ukraine

Contact Person: Igor Velichko

Horizontal Industrial Steam Autoclave

Interested In table Top Autoclave For Dental Use

Inquiry for Table Top Autoclave For Dental Use From Thailand

Hi, I am interested in table top autoclave for dental use, such as horizontal front opened, manual control, medical grade autoclave in 30L, 35L, and 40L. do you have those supply?  thank you.

Ms. kanokrat sakneramit from Thailand

Vacuum Table Top Autoclave


Want To Know The Price Of Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Inquiry of Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer from India

Hi,I would like to know the price for Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer.

I am interested in buying 1 Set/Sets.Please provide us with a quotation.Thank you.

Name: Surinder Pal
Country/Region: India

Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer