Inquiry: 200 liter & 400 liter horizontal autoclave

Inquiry from Mali
Dear Sirs,
Good morning
We have the honour to contact you on recommendation of the organizing committee of CANTON FAIR , January 2015,  that in order to establish mutually advantageous commercial relationship between our both companies.
Indeed, our company is one major companies of importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, surgical and medical equipments in some West Africans countries.
Also, we are interested by your autoclaves range products descript
Item Description Quantity
01 Horizontal autoclave 200ltrs 10
02 Horizontal autoclave 400ltrs 01
So, please kindly and quickly establish us a quotation Franco forwarder France.
According to customer’s requirement, we recommend Model HA-BD 200L and HA-BVD360L as below.
Model: HA-BVD360, vacuum autocalve with double door
Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BVD_back_1 Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BVD_front_2
Main features:
1. Adopts the programmable controller (Siemens PLC) to control the entire cycle, and also
with manual operation and automatic operation modes for choosing
2.Piping system: Adopt with the reliable Germany Burket or GEMU pneumatic angle type valve, water ring vacuum pump.
3. 0.22µm high efficiency sterile medical grade filters.
4.The chamber and the steam piping system is made of high quality stainless steel.
5. With build-in printer, all alarm and technical figures can be recorded and printed.
6. With build-in steam generator
7.Operating authority is divided into three levels: Manager, technologist, operator.
Model: HA-BD200
Horizontal Autoclave_HA-BD
Main features:
1. Automatic sterilization course, easy to operate            
2. With drying function, suitable for dressing drying.  
3. Door safety lock system, water lacking, over- temperature, over-pressure auto-protection device.
4. Fully stainless  steel structure   
5. The safety valve will be open automatically when inner pressure over 0.24Mpa 

Welcome to contact us for more details.

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