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Dear Sir /Madam,

How are you? ZK Machineries & Foil Packaging Co., Ltd in Bangladesh the merger companies that had been serving the market for fifteen years. 

I’m looking for semi-auto Autoclave Machine.

User’s Required Specification (URS) 

Machine: Double Door Autoclave.

Machine Type : Automatic double hinge door.

Quantity : One

Working Capacity : 250 L

Power Supply : 380 +/- 10 Volts For 3 Phase.

Current Frequency :  50 Hz

Materials of Construction : AISI 316 Stainless Steel.

Chamber Size :  1000×500×500

Max Working Temperature :  135° C

Steam Generator: Electric Heating Steam Generator

Design Pressure: 0.25Mpa

Water Source Pressure: 0.15-0.30Mpa

Steam Pressure: 0.40-0.80Mpa

Heating : Electric heating.

Design & Construction : Design and construction should be as per GMP guidelines

Control System :  Machine Control should have PLC and touch Screen.

Machine Control :  Machine should have mechanical variable drive system to adjust controlling.

Safety Features : Program interlock, by the program is running, the sealing door cannot be open. If the inner chamber is higher than the safety pressure, the door  cannot be open. Perfect product safety protection measures.

Maintenance : Machine must have easy accessibility to each section of machine for fast  and efficient maintenance operation.

Cleaning : Machine should be modular design to have easy cleaning facility. 

I am requested to send a price offer of the total and individually C &

F c 10% Chittagong by sea. 

I would appreciate your early reply in advance. 


Model: HA-BVD series

Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BVD_back_2   Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BVD_front_3

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