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Inquiry: 35L bench top autoclave for sales, autoclave manufacture

Hi There

Our client requires 15 x Autoclaves 35 Liters.
What are your best export prices please?
Kindest regards

Model: TS-C35


Main features:
1. Indicator light show the working state.
2. 4~6 minutes sterilizing rapidly.
3. The temperature and time can be set by knobs.
4. Steam-water inner circulation system: no steam discharge.
5. Over temperature and over pressure auto-protection.
6. Safe protection if lack of water in the tank.
7. Exhausting the cold air before sterilizing automatically.
8. Door safety lock system.
9. Automatically control the sterilization process, easy to operate.
10. The chamber is made by stainless steel.
11. Automatically shut off when finished sterilization and keep beep reminding alarm.
12. CLASS N European standard.

Inquiry: Distilled water and incubator

Comment: DEAR SIR,
1. 10L Distilled Water Unit – Bluestone Ltd – 1 unit
2. 5 L Distilled water unit – 1 unit
3. Incubtor 80L -1 unit
our nearest port, Port Klang, Malaysia.
please indicate if you have ready stock or made upon order?
hope to hear from you soon.
laboratory water distiller

laboratory water distiller

Model: WD-TS

(5 liters/hour, 20 liters/hour also can be offered) 

Automatic distilling pure water for hospitals, healthcare centers, research institutes and laboratory.

Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Model: TH-A80


Main features:

1.Mirror stainless steel chamber, cold rolled steel plates with plastic sprayed surface, the internal use of split type toughened glass door, the door opened a window, can be directly observed the work of indoor culture condition.

2.The breeze convection circulation structure makes better temperature uniformity.

3.Microcomputer automatic program control of the temperature and humidity stably and accurately. Touch switch, easy to operate, with temperature and humidity correction function.

4.Reliable safety. Instrument with a variety of anti-jamming measures, have over temperature and  sensor protection function, to ensure the safe operation.

5.Imported compressor and refrigerant, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

6.Programmable control mode, a separate set of parameters, with power failure memory function, after power on the instrument continue working.

7.Has the timing function. Intelligent refrigeration and heating technology of high temperature PID, ensure the accurate of temperature control and energy saving.

Inquiry: Hospital steam autoclaves

Inquiry from Iran

We are medical equipment importer in Iran and number of our important customer requested for Waste manager systems and Hospital steam Autoclaves.

So we are interested to know more about your products and price.

Waiting for your soonest reply.

Model:HA-BVD Series

 Main features:

1.With Germany Simens PLC platform independent research and development, human-Machine Interaction, convenient for operation. 2. Software design and manufacture products in strict accordance with the technical requirements for the sterilization process. 3. The Operating authority is divided into three levels to the manager, the technologist, and the operators. 4. Program interlocked, by the program is running, the sealing door can not be open. 5. All the alarm and the technical figures can be recorded and print. 6. If the inner chamber is higher than the safety pressure, the door can not be open. 7. Perfect product safety protection measures, 4 level emergency treatment of abnormal state.

Back review Loading cart and trolley

Model :HA-BA Series

Main features:

1.Sterilizing course automatic sterilization controlled, easy to operate. 2. With drying function, suitable dressing drying. 3. With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device. 4. The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027 Mpa. It can’t be start on if the door doesn’t close well. 5. The safety valve will be open automatically when the inner pressure over 0.24 MPa and the steam be exhausting to the water link. 6. The power will be cut-off automatically, cut-off the water and alarm when the machine lacking water. 7. Fully stainless steel structure. 8. With printer.

Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BA_9Hospital Steam Sterilizer


Inquiry: 50L & 500L autoclave for hospital use

Inquiry from Qatar

Comment: Hi,

We are an end to end solution provider to the medical and analytical segment in Kuwait and Qatar.
We have the below mentioned equipment’s requirement.
•       50L Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer (Top Door)
•       500 L Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer (Front, Horizontally Opening Autoclaves)
I would request you to send me the best quotation & instrument specification for the same.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

LX-B50(数显)   LX-B50(数显)-4Horizontal_Autoclave_HA-BC_17

Inquiry from Qatar

We would like to introduce our company one of the foremost distributor in the field of healthcare in the State of Qatar —Q Care Medical.   Dedicated to total healthcare solution and providing innovative approach to specialized needs, Q Care Medical supplies the health industry, both private and public sectors, with a range of products from renowned brands embodying the newest and utmost cost-effective technology to meet its growing demand.  The company takes pride in its collaborative effort with the clients to better serve the medical community.

We understand that your company manufactures the products (sterilizing units) that fit our business requirements, and would like to request a quotation for the items attached .

We would appreciate your sales quotation of the listed items attached before the end of a week.


Table top type: TS-DDN series & TS-AJ series

TS-DDN12-24L  Table_Top_Autoclave_TS-AJ

Vertical type: LX-BG series & VA-SD series & VA-SV series


35l vertical autoclave

35l vertical autoclave


Inquiry: TS-B24 Bench Top Autoclave Sterilizer

Inquiry from South Africa
Comment: I wish to know what the selling price for one of the Table Top Autoclave Steam Sterilizer TS-B24 is in our currency the ZAR rands?

Model TS-B24

Main features
1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to  operate.
2.Maximum temperature: up to 134°C, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.
3.Safe protection of water lacking.
4.With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device
5.After sterilization it will automatically cut the power and then alarm
6.Fully stainless steel structure. 

small autoclave sterilizer

small autoclave sterilizer




Inquiry from Algeria: Horizontal autoclave WX-300 for food

Inquiry from Algeria

Comment: can The wx-300L autoclave be used for strelizing in food industry.

Model: WX-300

Main features:

1. Micro-computer control system, LCD dynamic display time, temperature.
2. Full automatic control for warming, sterilization and drying
3. Error analysis and failure warning displaying system
4. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.22-0.23Mpa
5. Sterilization temperature 121°C-134°C can be set
6. Four shortcut keys for fixed sterilization programs: appliance, dressing, packing instrument, liquid
7. Safety and interlock device, quick opening structure
8. Two pressure gages indicating inner and interlayer pressure
9. Sterilization time and temperature can be controlled
10. All SUS304 stainless steel

Horizontal_Autoclave_WX_1 Horizontal_Autoclave_WX_2


Inquiry: Table top dental/ lab autoclave

Inquiry from Philippines


Model: TS-BD                                                                        Model: TS-CD

Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

Benchtop Steam Sterilizer











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Inquiry: 700 liter ampoule leak autoclave

Inquiry from Georgia

Dear sir/Madam,                
Let me introduce myself, I’m procurement manager –***. As I see in my inbox you sent us your quotation for double door horizontal autoclave but they are 1500L and 2000L capacity. We are interested in to purchase Ampoule autoclave double door with 700L capacity. Please send us your quotation ASAP.
Assuring all our attention and if there are questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks in advance and looking forward to your fast reply.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards 


Model: HA-AS800

Volume: 800 liter, 360-5000L is also available


This HA-AS series is a kind of high-performance and high-intelligence equipment for sterilizing, leak detecting and cleaning, which adopts colorful touch screen and PLC, applicable to ampoules, oral medicine, small infusion, etc. After sterilization, by means of vacuum or colour water detection, the detection rate of waster is assured to be 100%. Finally washing with pure water ensures the surface of Ampoules clean.

HA-AS800 Size and Loading 

Model Inner sizeL×W×H


Over sizeL×W×H


Loading cart Transport cart 1ml(pcs) 2ml(pcs) 5ml(pcs)
HA-AS800 1400×680×850 1595×1300×1880 1unit 1 unit 85680 50112 22960

Main parameters

1、design pressure:0.245Mpa

2、design temperature:139℃

3、work pressure:0~0.22Mpa

4、work temperature:60~134℃

5、heat equilibrium:≤±1℃

Inquiry: Vertical digital autoclave model LX-BG120L/ lab, hosptial use

Inquiry from TOGO


Kindly give us your price quotation CIF LOME TOGO for vertical autoclave model LX-BG120L

qty: 1

Look forward to receiving your offer.



Model: LX-BG120L

LX-B50(数显) Vertical_Autoclave_LX-BG.4

Main features:

1. High quality SUS304 stainless steel with 0CR18Ni9Ti
2. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.22-0.23Mpa
3. The working temperature preset: 121’c-134’c
4. Dual scale numerical pressure gage indicate temperature and pressure
5. Operating easy, security and reliable
6. Electric heating, Direct heating by immersed copper tubes of heating elements.
7. The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
8. Timer range: 0-999min
9. Sterilization time and temperature can be controlled PLC control technique, touch-key.
10. Silicone rubble for seal
11. LCD screen indicate sterilization time, temperature and working status.
12. Micro-Computer processor control program