teach you sterilize medical dressings with vertical autoclaves

It’s very common to sterilize medical dressings with autoclaves, especially verticalautoclave. Now teach you how to use it correctly.

Proper sterilization of medical dressings is very important to in ensure patients and doctors alike are protected from various diseases and infections. Dirty equipment transmits dangerous germs and infectious bacteria that can cause serious health problems for those exposed to them. While the verticala autoclave sterilization process may seem extremely difficult, it is actually quite simple with proper instructions.

First, put on rubber gloves, goggles, a plastic apron and a mask covering your nose and mouth. Place the medical dressings into the chamber of inside a wire basket and soak them with regular tap water. Allow the instruments to soak for three to five minutes. Add water, adjust the temperature and time for sterilization.

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Second, use a smooth brush to thoroughly scrub each of the medical instruments with detergent and water. Submerge the instruments underneath the surface of the water to avoid splashing the contaminated water. If an item has multiple parts, disassemble them and clean each part on its own.

Third, finse each of the items thoroughly to get rid of any excess detergent from the vertical autoclaves. Thoroughly examine each instrument to make sure each is completely clean. Use a clean cloth to dry off each item. If a cloth is unavailable, set the items down on a paper towel and allow them to make dryness. Place a pot of water onto a hot surface and bring it to a boil.

Fourth, submerge each of the instruments in a glutaraldehyde disinfectant solution. If you have any bowls or containers, set them upright to allow the solution to sit inside during the cleaning process. Close the vertical autoclave container and allow the instruments to sit for approximately 15-50 minutes.

Last, use forceps to carefully remove each item and rinse each one thoroughly with boiled water. The boiling process removes any excess chemicals that may remain on the instruments. Allow items to air-dry on a disinfected tray before using them.

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