How to clean Portable Autoclave?

Portable Autoclaves are used for cleaning and sterilizing medical and cosmetic instruments, but that doesn’t keep them from needing a good cleaning, too, every once in awhile. The best way to clean an portable autoclave is to perform light cleaning on a daily basis, with heavier cleaning reserved for a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure to use only those cleaning supplies and accessories approved by the autoclave manufacturer to avoid damage to the autoclave.

Portable Autoclave PA-ND - Bluestone Autoclave

Portable Autoclave PA-ND – Bluestone Autoclave


  1. Get in the habit of wearing latex gloves while you clean the portable autoclave to help protect your hands. Even though all matter inside the autoclave should be sterile, this is still a good habit.
  2. Dust the outside of the portable autoclave with a dry rag every day. Rinse the inside with clean water to remove any debris, and pluck any matter out of the drain. You may need tweezers to help remove matter from the autoclave drain.
  3. Clean and descale the portable autoclave drain at least once a week with a manufacturer-approved descaler like All-Met. Fill a spray bottle with one part All-Met to fifteen parts clean water, spray inside the autoclave and scrub with an autoclave cleaning brush.
  4. Rinse the portable autoclave thoroughly after each cleaning; always follow all instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) sheets for cleaning products, which should be on file in your medical office. Leave the drain on the autoclave open, so that the rinse water runs all the way through it.

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