The Advantages of a Steam Autoclave

Steam autoclaves are advantageous as insulated metal contraptions providing intense heat and moisture to decontaminate objects and/or waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While autoclaves are available in many different sizes, the largest autoclave machines can handle up to 1,000 lbs. of materials. Additionally, autoclave treatment times vary depending on the size and weight of objects being decontaminated.
Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Sterilization

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High Temperatures

  • Steam autoclaves are designed to operate at and sustain high temperatures, according to the EPA. This feature allows steam to permeate materials within the autoclave and effectively carry out the decontamination process. Even microorganisms normally resistant to decontaminant measures–such as Bacillus subtilis–can be removed via the autoclave high temperature feature.

Sterilization Displays

  • Autoclaves offer variable display features, indicating whether the device is effective, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). Digital indicators display types of autoclave cycles, cycle timing, and temperature readings. These displays work in concert with each other to indicate how temperatures rise or fall based on treatment times. Autoclave sterilization treatments also alter the physical conditions of certain waste products, providing a visual reference on the effectiveness of treatment cycles.
Loading chamber_Horizontal Autoclave HA-BC

Loading chamber_Horizontal Autoclave HA-BC

Exhaust Features

  • Autoclave devices may be designed to decontaminate dishware for re-use. The NIH notes that this type of autoclave equipment provides the advantage of exhaust fan features, which work to evaporate moisture and dry decontaminated materials. Exhaust fans operate at various speeds and take different amounts of time to complete their cycles. Specifically, slow and fast exhaust features are available to extend or expedite the process.
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