The daily maintenance and maintenance of the autoclave

  1. Stacking sterilization items, it is forbidden to jam escape valve of air flow, have to set aside space to ensure equipment is deflated, otherwise the relief valve cannot work because of the air flow blockage, cause an accident.
  2. Must be checked before each use of autoclave sterilization water in barrel is keep between high and low water level.
  3. The sterilization of liquid, the liquid should be canned in hard heat-resistant glass bottles, with no more than 3/4 volume had better, choose cotton yarn plug bottle, do not use the punching of rubber or cork.


Special note: at the end of the sterilization of liquid is allowed to the immediate release of steam, must stay behind the gauge pressure to return to zero emissions more than gas.

4.The different types, different sterilization requirements, such as dressing and liquid, do not put together the sterilization, lest one sector, losses.

5.At the end of the autoclave sterilization, pressure gauge pointer must return zero, will escape valve partner in gas bearing. To outside air into the autoclave, vacuum eliminated, the container lid can be opened.

6.After using long the autoclave pressure gauge, pressure indication is not straight or cannot restore the zero, should give timely repair, at ordinary times should be regularly, as compared with the standard pressure gauge if abnormal, should replace the new table.



7.At ordinary times the autoclave should be kept clean and dry, may extend the use fixed number of year, will use day long aging, rubber seal gasket should be replaced periodically.

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