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We need a replacement table top autoclave for part sterilization.  I was looking at some of your models and was hoping to get some idea of price.  The unit needs to hold 200 degrees Celsius and pull vacuum (the way our set up is now an external pump pulls the vacuum, I don’t know if that is usually something built in or external, can you clarify, and if external is the norm, our pump is still working).  I was hoping to hopefully spend around $5000.
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Vacuum Drying Oven For Lab Use

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB

Model: DO-VB

Vacuum Drying Oven Main Features:

1. Adopts originated domestic streamline arc design, the outer is made of cold rolled steel plate, the surface is static lacquered;

2. The working room adopts high quality and imported stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate with corrosion resistant, durable quality;

3. The air-tightness of the chamber door is adjustable, with a wholly-shaped silicon rubber door sealing loop; so as to guarantee in-chamber high vacuum;

4. Double-layer tempering bulletproof glass door is easy to observe the articles in the working room;

5. The rectangular working room makes full use of effective volume;

6. Micro-computer control and LCD display instrument with functions of high precision on temperature control, over-temperature alarm and automatic cut off;

7. Temperature Controller adopt the international advanced PID adaptive controller,do not need to set internal parameters;

8. Optional function: Equipped with a RS-485 port, which can be connected with computer and recorder, to monitor the working status in real time.

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB

Vacuum Drying Oven Optional Volume: 30 liters, 50 liters,90 liters, 210 liters

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB 90L/210L

Vacuum Drying Oven DO-VB 90L/210L

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