50-60 liters semi automatic autoclave


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1)      Autoclave Laboratory

Capacity 50-60 Liters, Semi automatic, interior Chamber Stainless Steel, auto fill version, pressure gauge, reservoir drain, electrical and mechanical pressure safety system, internal water reservoir, drainage bottles, programmable temperature Control system.

Required for establishment of Biological Lab at Mineral Water Plant to Sterilize the Liquids, Culture Media and for Safe Disposal of used Culture Plates. Quantity Required  01

Model: VA-SA

Model: VA-SA35, VA-SA50, VA-SA75, VA-SA100.
Available Volume: 35 liters, 50 liters, 75 liters, 100 liters.


VA-SA vertical autoclave sterilizer

 Main Features of Vertical Autoclave Machine, VA-SA Digital Display Top Loading type
Automatic control over the processes of filling water, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and dryness.
1. Fully stainless steel material.
2. Horizontal sliding door, self- bulge seal ring, operated easily.
3. Door safety lock system, the door is made of high performance heat insulation material.
4. Positive pressure pulse function exhaust cool air of chamber thoroughly and ensure the steam saturation.
5. Micro-computer control technique, touch-key, LCD display the menu.
6. Built-in water tank. Steam and water circulation system, no external water source, not exhaust steam outside, environment is clean and dryness.
7. Preheating control function.
8. With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets.
Safety Device:
1. Safe protection of water lacking
2. The program will be stopped if water level lower than the low limit.
3. The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
4. Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection.
5. Over current protector.
6. Door safety interlock: The door cannot be opened until there is no pressure in the chamber and power for heating cannot be switched on until the door is firmly closed.
7. Safety valve of auto release against over-pressure.

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Vertical Autocalve

Vertical Autocalve