Inquiry For Portable autoclave YX-280A


I’m interesting in your portable autoclave YX-280A.What capacity do you have?
Your autoclaves are electric or gas ?

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Portable autoclave YX-280A

Portable autoclave YX-280A Characteristics:

1. High quality SUS304 stainless steel with 0 Cr18Ni9Ti.

2. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa.

3. The highest working temperature: 126°C-129°C, accurancy 1°C.

4. Dual scale numerical pressure gage indicate temperature and pressure.

5. Working pressure: 0.14-0.16Mpa.

6. Electric heating system.

7. Timer range: 0-80min.

8. Silicone seal.

9. Easy to use, safe and reliable.

10. Butterfly-nuts keep safe.
Safety protection: Power emergency control switch, Over heat protection.


portable autoclave YX-280A

1. Appying to hospital,public health centers,health stations,clinics in factories and mines,scientific research institutes,etc.

2. Afforadble Price

3. OEM Service

4. Multi-Payment Methods


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