Inquiry: Hot Air Dry Oven

Good Morning,

I’m looking to buy 4 units of DO-GA70.

Can you send me some technical information plus cost and shipping to UK.

Model: DO-GA70

Volume: 70L

drying oven for laboratory

Hot Air Drying Oven for Laboratory Features:

1. The chamber of the forced hot air drying oven is made up of superior stain steel sheet or the mirror-finish stainless steel sheet,and the outside sprayed with plastic powder, double-deckde tempered glass-observation,with handsome appearance, and it is safe and convenient to operate on.

2. The forced hot air drying oven is contrplled by the micro-computer,equipped with temperature setting testing,double digtial display and PID self-setting function.

3. Equip with over-temperature auto-protectino & time setting,undulatory property is small.

4. The forced hot air drying oven is equipped with following alarming function,churned-up hot air circle,low heat age lose,blasting and heating can be separately operated.

5. Forced Hot air circle system is made up of exit fans and suitable fan duct with low noisy, the temperature in the chamber is uniformity.

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