Inquiry About Class B Dental Autoclave

Hi, I’m interested in your product Bulestone TS-DDV18 and TS-DDV24 Class B dental autoclave, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.

autoclave class b

Class B Dental Autoclave Features

1. The sterilizing procedure is automatically controlled, it is not necessary to be supervised, and used conveniently.
2. At least 3 or more times pulse-vacuum exhausting, which is applied to wrapped or unwrapped objects, hollow equipment.
3. Drying function.
4. With inner printer, which record the full procedure of the sterilization.
5. With Bowie & Dick testing function, which is for the steam penetrating testing.
6. Self-testing malfunction, easy to maintain.
7. Safety functions
-a. Safety locking: The steam cannot enter the chamber and the unit will alarm when the door is not closed tightly, and the door can not the open when the inner pressure is exceed 0.027mpa.
-b. Over pressure protection: If the pressure exceeds the working pressure, the safety valve will exhaust the air.
-c. Low water protection: The unit cannot be started if the water doesn’t reach the high level, and the power will cut off directly.
-d. Over current protection: The broker will cut off the power by the over current happened.

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