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Steam Sterilization Order from Georgia for Laboratory Use

Steam Sterilization for Laboratory Use


Dear Jenny.
Some time ago you received the request for Digital display autoclaves 2 pcs. – Steam Sterilization VA-SD100 with the following specifications:
1.Price term:CIP Tbilisi: USD****/Set
2.Deliery time:15days after receiving full payment
3.Shipping time:5 days from China to Tbilisi by air
4.Payment Term:100%  TT in advance
5.Guarantee period:1 year
Please confirm me that the invoice and all other info attached below is still up to date and we can make payment right after we sign the Purchase Order.
Best Regards
The digital display autoclaves had been finished on 6th,May. Each order before delivery ,Bluestone takes pictures for finished steam sterilizer and package to clients for them reference:
Steam Autoclave VA-SD100 steam_autoclave_va_sd100
More information about Steam Sterilization,welcome visit our official website:

Best Price of Autoclaves


please supply you best price of autoclaves for clinic,as a wholesales,i want from small 20,40,50,75,100,150 etc price ,because i need resell.


Best price of autoclaves

Best price of autoclaves

As a medical equipment manufacture, we supply price of autoclaves , autoclave dental / hospital / lab …etc.

Model: HA-BB150, HA-BB200, HA-BB280

Available Volume: 150 liters, 200 liters, 280 liters

Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer HA-BB Instructions and Principle:

1. Sterilizing course automatic sterilization controlled, easy to operate.

2. With drying function, suitable dressing drying.

3. With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device.

4. The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is

reduced to 0.027 Mpa. It can’t be start on if the door doesn’t close well.

5. The safety valve will be open automatically when the inner pressure over 0.24 MPa and

the steam be exhausting to the water link.

6. The power will be cut-off automatically, cut-off the water and alarm when the machine

lacking water.

7. Fully stainless steel structure.

8. With printer.

Best price of autoclaves

More information about best price of autoclave,please visit website address:

Water Spray Pharmaceutical Autoclave Sterilizer

Water Spray Pharmaceutical Autoclave Sterilizer

This series adopts cyclical water as sterilization heating carrier and carrier and carry and carry out water-pouring sterilizing operation for articals.
During the whole working course, superherheated water operates in a relatively sealing cyclical system,which has series of advanyages, high heat efficiency, good temperature evenness, stable temperature adjusting range, etc. Besides, this equipment also effectively prevents second pollution during working with anti-pressure protection device. lt can be applied widely to high-and-low temperature sterilizing operation on liquid in glass bottles. Ampoule bottles, plastic bottles, plastic packs, etc, .in pharmaceutics. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for foodstuff industery to sterilize all kinds of sealing package, drinks, cans.

water autoclave sterilizer


1, The box is designed, produced and tested strictly according to the “Steel Pressure Vessel”
2, Pneumatic translational door,easy to operate, flexible
3, Elegant stainless steel decorate cover
4, The GMP confirrmation access is fixed on the equipment
5, The unique dove-tail inlaid desigan of heat-resisting silicone rubber gasket ring ensures the seal tightness of the door.
6, The main control system adopts micro-computer PLC+touch screen +DCS long distance tiring-room monitoring system
7, The heat preservation layer is made by polyurethane matirial and pearl rock wool
8, Excellent PID temperature controlling technology,accurate pressure tracking on real-time
9, In order to reduce the working load, the automatic in-out system can be fixed according to the customer’s needs.


Lab Incubator for University Use

MI-B Series Lab Incubator is used for various kinds of microculture and incubation. It is applicable for medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture detection and scientific research, etc.

Lab Incubator

Lab Incubator

Bluestone Medical Features MI-B Series Lab Incubator :

1. The mirror finished stainless steel cabinet; cold-roll steel sheets with plastic-sprayed surface; split-type toughened glass door, convenient and accurate;

2. Observe working chamber situation through observation window;

3. Install fan toe make temperature distribute uniformly;

4. Microcomputer control; can choose timing or continues working; With temperature correction and power-off memory functions;

5. Intelligent liquid crystal temperature control system and touch keyboard ensure accurate temperature control, convenient thermoregulation and precise indicating value;

6. Imported compressor, large screen LCD, Non-CFC refrigeration system;

7. With humidification function and automatic control humidity;

8. Equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamps, convenient for sterilization;

9. Elegant appearance, convenient to maintain.

Lab equipment

Lab equipment

More Information about lab equipment,please refer to

High Quality Laboratory / Medical / Dental Water Distiller Machine

High Quality Laboratory / Medical / Dental Water Distiller Machine Feature

1. Fully stainless steel stricture.

2.The filter, tank, cover, and the cranium internal are made of 304 stainless steel material

3. Automatically cut the power if the over current happened.

4. Good heat dissipation function

5. The insiwater distiller_1de boiling chamber is made of stainless steel with higher quality polish, means a better quality taste, less leaching!

6. The blades on the top of the products is made of aluminum.

7. The inside boiling chamber is made of stainless steel with higher quality polish, means a better quality taste, less leaching!

8. New style carbon filter, which minimize the chance of bacteria growth.

9. Good quality reset switch and receptacle.

10. The water container has two options: glass container, plastic container. (Different price)



Main Body, Cover, Power Cable, User Manual (English Language), Charcoal Package, Detergent, Bucket Cover, Water Cover, Filter 



water distiller_2 water distiller_5 water distiller_6 water distiller_7

Hot Selling Dental Table Top Steam Autoclave With Drying Function

Dental Table Top Steam Autoclave With Drying Function Instructions

table top autoclave_1

1. For 4~6 minutes rapidly sterilizing;
2. Digital display of working status, touch key;
3. With 3 fixed cycles of water adding, temperature rising, sterilizing, drying steam discharging controlled automatically;

4.The whole process of water adding,temperature rising,sterilizing,drying steam discharging controlled automatically.
5. Steam-water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry;
6. Exhaust the cool air automatically;

7. Safe protection of water lacking;
8. Door safety lock system;
9. With four stainless steel sterilizing plates;
10. The chamber of the sterilizer is made of stainless steel;
11. Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization finished;
12. With drying function;


Sterilizing chamber volume 20L

(φ250×420 mm)


(φ250×520 mm)


(φ300×500 mm)


(φ340×550 mm)

Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Working temperature 134℃
Adjustment  of 


Timer 0-99 min
Heat average ≤ ± 1℃
Power 1.5 KW / AC220V 50Hz 2.7 KW / AC220V 50Hz
Sterilizing plate 340×200×30 mm


400×200×30 mm


400×200×30 mm


500×250×30 mm


Dimension 480×480×380 mm 580×480×384 mm 730×550×510 mm 770×600×540 mm
Package dimension 700×580×500 mm 800×580×500 mm 810×680×650 mm 880×730×700 mm
G.W/N.W 43/40kg 50/45kg 90/73kg 105/86kg


Steam Sterilizer Volume 0.36 Cubic Meter for Medical Laboratory Used.

Comment: Needed an Auto Clave or Steam sterilizer volume 0.33 Cubic meter for medical laboratory used.

Steam sterilizer volume

Steam sterilizer volume

HA-BVS Steam Sterilizer Volume 0.36 Cubic Meter for Medical Laboratory Used Instructions and Principle:

The main body is with horizontal rectangle double layer structure, the inside chamber is

made of SUS30408 or SUS31608 stainless steel, the outer layer is made of the brushed

decorative sheet, and the there is motorized door or sliding door for choose, pneumatic

sealing, and the double door interlocking are strictly in accordance with the GSSD required.

The control system: Adopt the Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen.

The piping system: Adopt with the reliable Germany Burket or GEMU pneumatic angle

type valve, water ring pump and 0.22µm high efficiency sterile medical grade filters,

the pipe clamp adopts the quick connectors, the piping and the related spares are

all according to the sanitation standard.

Steam sterilizer volume

Steam sterilizer volume

HA-BVS Steam Sterilizer Volume 0.36 Cubic Meter for Medical Laboratory Used Principle:

1. With Germany Simens PLC platform independent research and development, human-Machine Interaction, convenient for operation.

2. Software design and manufacture products in strict accordance with the technical requirements for the sterilization process.

3. The Operating authority is divided into three levels to the manager, the technologist, and the operators.

4. Program interlocked, by the program is running, the sealing door can not be open.

5. All the alarm and the technical figures can be recorded and print.

6. If the inner chamber is higher than the safety pressure, the door can not be open.

7. Perfect product safety protection measures, 4 level emergency treatment of abnormal state.

More different kind of steam sterilizer volume please visit website:


Laboratory Autoclave for University’s Laboratory

Comment: Hello,

we are interested to order Laboratory autoclave (model TS-BD24 24L),  fot University’s Laboratory.  Our location is Batumi, Georgia (Zip Code: 6007).

We kindly ask to unswer our questions:

What’s the price of autoclave (model TS-BD24)?

Do you provide transportation to Batumi?

 Laboratory autoclave

Laboratory autoclave

Model:  TS-BD24
Available Volume: 24 Litres

Instructions and Principle of Benchtop Laboratory autoclave Automatic Sterilization Controlled by Micro-computer:

Fast and Rapidly Sterilizering in 4-6 Minutes, European CLASS N Sterilization Machine.

1. Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate.
2.  Maximum temperature: up to 134°C, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.
3. The drum is netting wire type.
4. With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device:
5.  All the sterilizer body made by stainless steel and can be use for a long time.

Safety Device of Benchtop Laboratory autoclave Automatic Sterilization:

1. Competitive price and high quality
2. Easy operating
3. Over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device.

More information about laboratory equipment,please visit:

Vertical Vacuum Autoclave With Drying Function And Printer

Vertical Vacuum Steam Autoclave Feature

1. Automaticautoclave_1ally controlled by computer, digital display of working status, touch type key;
2. Dynamically showed the temperature, pressure time and vacuum rate, and the full cycle;
3. Fully automatically route for water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, draining, exhausting, vacuum drying;
4. 3 times pulse vacuum, which make the vacuum rate as -0.081 Mpa, and ensure the high extracting of inner air from dressing, A, B type hollowed appliance;
5. With 4 fixed program for appliance, medical dressing, rubbers and fluid, and the user can also set the program as they need;
6. Equipped with the PT/TT testing connector, easy to run the testing;
7. Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilizing, ensure the nice sterilizing;
8. Equipped with 0.22 µm bacteria filter, ensure the sterile air enter the inner vacuum environment, avoid the second contamination;
9. Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure, self-inflating type seal;
10. Adopted with immersed heating, with high heating efficiency;
11. Steam-water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry;
12. Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization;
13. Fully high quality stainless, equipped with double stainless steel baskets;

Safety Device

1. Safe protection of water lacking;
2. The program will be stopped if water level lower than the low limit;
3. Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization;
4. Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection;
5. Over current protector;
6. Automatically controlled by computer, digital display of working status, touch type key;
7. Safety valve of auto release against over-pressure;

Cheapest Prices on the Vacuum Autoclaves


hi whats the cheapest prices on the vacuum autoclaves,i re sell in my tattoo business.

vacuum autoclaves

vacuum autoclaves

Vacuum Autoclaves Features:

1. Standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying, the remaining humidity of sterilized instrument is less than 0.2%.
2. LCD display working status, touch keys.
3. The vacuum data can reach -0.8bar, it fits various instrument, including package, unpackaged, solid, hollow,multi-apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely.
4. Fully computer controlled LCD display bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation.
5. It is installed with BOWIE&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam.
6. It has vacuum text which can make sure the ability of texting vacuuming.
7. Fast and independent steam generator.
8. Built-in mini printer which can record the sterilizer information.
9. Safety valve, Safety lock door system, Pressure or temperature overload protection, Alarm system.
10. Can inactivate HIV, HBV, mad cow virus and bacillus.

Pictures for Vacuum Autoclaves:

vacuum autoclaves

vacuum autoclaves

More information about Vacuum Autoclave :