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Inquiry About 50 Liters Hot Air Oven

I am interested in hot air oven, so send me price for 50 litres four and sea freight to Tema.

hot air oven

The Features of 50 Liters Hot Air Oven

1. Work room air duct designed reasonable, hot air circulation fluently, temperature uniformity. Heater and Air Blower structure reasonable, combined with the ingenious air duct design, convenient for hot air circulation.
2. Temperature control system adopts digital PID control, superior software design, high accuracy control, operating stably. When achieve setting
temperature, the control system automatically timekeeping, and will beep after the timekeeping finished.
3. This product has perfect safety alarm function, control point over-temperature alarm, and independent out of control dangerous temperature alarm.
4. Lace lock type door open and close, easy to adjust the tightness, to ensure the well seal-ability.
5. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control system, set up, display and control the inside temperature.

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Inquiry: Hot Air Dry Oven

Good Morning,

I’m looking to buy 4 units of DO-GA70.

Can you send me some technical information plus cost and shipping to UK.

Model: DO-GA70

Volume: 70L

drying oven for laboratory

Hot Air Drying Oven for Laboratory Features:

1. The chamber of the forced hot air drying oven is made up of superior stain steel sheet or the mirror-finish stainless steel sheet,and the outside sprayed with plastic powder, double-deckde tempered glass-observation,with handsome appearance, and it is safe and convenient to operate on.

2. The forced hot air drying oven is contrplled by the micro-computer,equipped with temperature setting testing,double digtial display and PID self-setting function.

3. Equip with over-temperature auto-protectino & time setting,undulatory property is small.

4. The forced hot air drying oven is equipped with following alarming function,churned-up hot air circle,low heat age lose,blasting and heating can be separately operated.

5. Forced Hot air circle system is made up of exit fans and suitable fan duct with low noisy, the temperature in the chamber is uniformity.

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Table Top Hot Air Dry Oven


Popular Hot Air Dry oven DO-G series

Comment: Dear Sir/Ma’am,
We at ***are authorized distributors for 3M and Kimberly-Clark. We wish to expand our
business and now look to enter the Life Sciences business domain. I am particularly interested
in the Autoclaves/Dry ovens and Distilled water Units. Please mail your product details to take
the discussions further.
Model: DO-G50, DO-G80
Volume: 50L, 80L
Dry Oven Application: Drying oven can be widely used in laboratory, medical health, university
research and so on, suitable for the drying of relative items, also can be as a dry heat sterilizer
for the medical instrument.

DO-G50 Dry Oven


DO-G80 Dry Oven

Hot Air Drying Oven Features:

1. Inside chamber is made of mirror polish stainless steel, outside is cold-roll steel
sheets sprayed with plastic powder.

2. Temperature controlled by microcomputer system, can set, display, control
the inside chamber temperature.

3. Inside chamber has drip-proof function.

4. CPU timer system, time setting can last for 7 days.

5. Adopt high quality synthetic silicon seal, good seal; Temperature resistance and
Aging-resistance, make sure long service life.

6. Adjustable air-vent on the top, it can adjust the inlet air and exhaust air.

7. Alarm when over-temperature.

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Lab hot air dry oven