Steam Sterilization Mechanism

Steam Sterilization Mechanism

Dry heat autoclave sterilization chamber to kill the most commonly used means of biological physics , because of high temperature on bacterial obvious lethal effect . Elevated temperature and solidification cell degeneration , loss of enzyme activity , allowing the bacteria to die. Heat sterilization chamber most reliable and widely used sophisticated sterilization method. Usually moist heat sterilization and dry heat sterilization methods.

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Autoclave sterilization method using heat , at the same temperature , heat than dry heat sterilization effect is good, for the following reasons .

1 . The solidification temperature of the protein on its moisture content , the greater the water content, the occurrence of the solidification temperature lower . Moist heat sterilization of bacterial proteins can absorb moisture , which is easier than the solidification temperature of the hot and dry in the same air.Look for more?Check to see.

2 . Moist heat sterilization process steam release a lot of latent heat , further increasing the temperature . At the same temperature , heat than dry heat sterilization time is short .

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3 . Gas heat penetration than dry heat gas is strong, so the heat than dry heat effect is good . High pressure steam can kill all microorganisms, including high temperature or individual spores , fungal spores and other bacteria . AUTOCLAVESALE dental autoclave sterilizer sterilization temperature increases with the increase of steam pressure , by increasing the vapor pressure of the sterilizing time can be shortened . It is therefore one of the most effective and most widely used methods of sterilization . ,

Why Must First Exhaust When Autoclaving

Why Must First Exhaust When Autoclaving

High pressure steam sterilizing medical equipment sterilization is the article to be sterilized in a sealed pot pressure sterilization by heating, the autoclave compartment of boiling water to generate steam suites . When water vapor is rapidly cool air from the kettle to make the exhaust valve drive , and then close the exhaust valve , heating was continued at this time because the steam does not overflow, the increased pressure sterilization pot , so that the higher boiling point , obtain a temperature over 100 ℃ . Cause bacterial protein denaturation and coagulation to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

At the same temperature , heat than dry heat sterilization efficacy big . There are three reasons : First, the bacterial cell absorbs heat moisture, protein coagulation easier , because the water content increased protein required solidification temperature decreases , the second is heat penetration than dry heat of the big three is hot and humid steam latent heat exist. 1g of water at 100 ℃, can emit 2.26kJ ( kJ ) when the heat from the gas into a liquid . Check more news on .This latent heat , can rapidly raise the temperature of the object to be sterilized , thereby increasing the effectiveness of the sterilization .

When using high-pressure steam autoclave sterilization in hospitals, sterilization pot of cold air is completely excluded extremely important because the air pressure is greater than the expansion of the expansion pressure of water vapor , so that when air containing water vapor , at the same pressure , the steam temperature is lower than air containing saturated steam temperature.

High-pressure Steam Sterilization

High-pressure Steam Sterilization

High-pressure medical lab equipment sterilization (autoclaving) to kill all microorganisms, including spores , including , sterilization is the best, the most widely used methods of sterilization . Method is to require sterilization of materials in a pressure cooker (autoclave) inside , does not spill when heated steam , vapor pressure within the autoclave temperature increases rather increased. At 103.4kPa (1.05kg/cm2) vapor pressure , the temperature reached 121.3 ℃, for 15 ~ 20 minutes . Ordinary medium suitable sterile , physiological saline, surgical instruments, containers and glass syringes , dressings and other articles .

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A heat sterilization law
Is the most effective method of sterilization . In 103.4kPa (1.05kg/cm2) vapor pressure , the temperature reached 121.3 ℃, maintain 15 ~ 20min, to kill all microorganisms , including spores , including . Autoclave is made ​​in accordance with this principle , commonly used in the general media , saline , surgical dressings and other high temperature , humidity sterilized items .Check more details on .
Autoclaving is restricted by several factors, such as fats and oils mixed with water can therefore not be sterilized with high pressure steam . Plastics will melt under high temperatures , many chemicals, high temperatures will be destroyed , and so on .

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Furthermore, the time required for autoclaving depending on the type and volume of the article to be sterilized . Hot steam must ensure that there is sufficient time to penetrate into the article , so the larger the volume of the article , the longer the time required ; article more difficult to penetrate into the steam , the longer the time required .
Note the high-pressure AUTOCLAVESALE medical equipment sterilization law
First, the sterile package is not too large ( less than 50cm × 30cm × 30cm), should not be too tight , there must be a gap between the parcel, so that the steam can easily penetrate into parcels central convection . Before sterilization , the vent opening of the tank or cartridge is conducive steam circulation. And the exhaust steam can be discharged quickly to keep goods dry. Sterilization is completed, close the vent tank or box to maintain sterility of items.
Second , cloth items should be placed on metal objects , otherwise cold vapor condensed into water droplets , so damp cloth . Hinder the central steam into parcels , seriously affecting the sterilization effect.
Third, the periodic inspection sterilization effect.

Key Performance Indicators Pressure Steam Sterilization Of Medical Devices

Key Performance Indicators Pressure Steam Sterilization Of Medical Devices

Pressure steam dental instrument sterilization of medical equipment for all healthcare sectors most widely used kind of sterilization equipment , medical safety and the prevention, control the spread of infectious diseases important part . Its sterilization operations requirements and test monitoring and management is crucial. Therefore, the characteristics and existing detection techniques pressure steam sterilization of medical equipment , improve equipment through the use of technology and new detection methods to achieve pressure steam sterilization of medical equipment for the overall quality control.

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Pressure steam sterilization of medical devices Overview

1 , Introduction and classification

Also known as high-pressure autoclaves sterilizer is essential health units Medical Equipment , it is the use of high-pressure steam sterilization equipment. Suitable for high temperature, high humidity sterilization of medical instruments and items. Pressure steam sterilizer according to the manner and extent of cold air emissions from different exhaust pressure pre-vacuum steam sterilizers and autoclaves divided under two categories .

2 , the basic principle

Sterilization refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to kill or remove all biological emblem on the media, so as to reach the level of sterility . Pressure steam sterilization as a method of moist heat sterilization , is a very efficient method of sterilization . Pressure steam sterilization of bacteria in the body to make protein denaturation or coagulation, kill all bacteria and spores adenoids , so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Under pressure steam sterilizer exhaust the basic principle is to use the principle of gravity displacement steam heat from the top down in the sterilizer , the cold air is discharged from the lower vent , all replaced by saturated steam , the use of the latent heat of the steam release the article to achieve the effect of sterilization.Stay tuned on .

Pre-vacuum steam sterilizer during operation , the first evacuated using mechanical methods , the negative pressure room so sterilizer , steam and heat to penetrate quickly sterilized article inside . Final working pressure up 205.8KPA, or above the temperature reached 132 ℃ begin sterilization, sterilization time after arrival , vacuum drying the sterilization objects quickly . According to a one-time or different times vacuum , divided into two pre-vacuum and pulsation vacuum , the latter due to repeated vacuum, air exclusion more thoroughly , the effect is more reliable.

3 , the basic structure

Different types of pressure steam sterilizer its structure varies, generally can be divided into the main body, four main door seal most of the equipment , piping and control systems are usually prepared for the double-layer metal , in order to ensure a sufficiently high order of the device pressure capability and good thermal insulation capacity ; within the chamber to use more good corrosion resistance of stainless steel , beautiful and durable ; shell using pressure and heat preservation material , requires not only beautiful and durable , but also the heat radiation devices is reduced to a minimum, effective protection of the environment .

Door seal composed mainly of mechanical transmission , rubber seals and safety interlock device installed specially processed to ensure the security and stability of the normal opening of the high-pressure sterilizers , sealing and high temperature environments.

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Pipeline system into steam, air , water and compressed air lines. Autoclave entire process flow of gas liquids pipeline system , complete the pre- vacuum , heat and pressure , pressure relief and a series of sterilization drying step . Condition control system with control , timing , counting, and other control functions step , and mathematical operations and data processing is completed , the monitoring of the sterilization process .

Key performance indicators of the AUTOCLAVESALE sterilizing tattoo equipment process

Completion of the sterilization process three main performance indicators are: temperature, pressure and time. These three parameters are mutually affected joint action . According to the three laws of gas , saturated steam temperature and pressure with a fixed correspondence. The higher the temperature the greater the pressure of saturated water vapor . However, if a certain amount of residual air in the sterilizer , not directly on the magnitude of the pressure determines the temperature of the clinical result is often due to residual air sterilization failure. When the higher the temperature, the time required for sterilization will be shortened . The ultimate effect of sterilization which is determined by the effective temperature and maintaining the article of time.

Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

Proper use and careful maintenance of electric steam steriliser equipment failures are generally able to exclude the basic duty laboratory assistant is one of the indicators reflect the ability of the laboratory experiment , the experimenter is a measure of sense of responsibility , one based on job performance and operational levels . Experimenter must carefully grasp the structure of the instrument , working principle and maintenance, and can eliminate common problems . This will improve the efficiency and durability of the equipment to ensure the equipment is in top working condition , to improve the quality of teaching has an important significance.

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A guide students on the proper use of equipment, laboratory staff must first be done:

1 new share for instruments, to fully understand its performance, master its rules only after commissioning .

2 , various types of equipment must strictly abide by the rules .

3 , finished instruments after each use , should be reinstated, wipe clean, and fill usage records .

4 , love the instrument , fair use, not sick run , a timely troubleshooting.

5 , shall not be lost parts and accessories and instructions.

Second, the equipment maintenance scope and technical requirements:

1, all equipment and implementing the ” person responsible for the prevention, regular maintenance and timely repair ” principle. Maintenance of equipment , maintenance , commissioning, repair is the responsibility of a small experimental members .

2 , routine maintenance : refers to routine maintenance and management procedures by operating equipment carried . Major projects include external cleaning , lubricating , tightening and visual inspection instruments and so on.Feel free to view to get more details.

3, the level of maintenance: This project is funded by an external device into the device’s internal ( global cleaning , lubricating and tightening ) , which may include a general disintegration of ( eg demolition of housing ) for partial disintegration of instrument maintenance checks and adjustment of the entire instrument is powered commissioning or tidal flooding and other content.

4 , two maintenance : This project is mainly refers to the instrument’s internal maintenance , which includes the dissolution or disintegration of inspection , adjustment, replacement of wearing parts of the main components of the general disintegration of the instruments available to be carried out , while also including complete sets of equipment inventory re- combination of all ancillary components , the replacement of one of the vulnerable parts . Also included is the use of various types of long time ( over three years ) to check the accuracy of instruments , calibration and calibration work. The instrument often in clean, lubricate , security and availability of technical condition.

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5 , not to mention the impact of work in front of their own must be regularly administered instrument maintenance. In addition to routine maintenance, should be performed once a month on the main level of maintenance of the instrument. Cleanliness and temperature and humidity requirements more stringent instruments ( including special medicines, animal and plant specimens , etc. ) , in addition to routine maintenance , you should always check the status of these devices and storage environments . Dust, thermostat , dehumidification , anti-corrosion , pest control , shock , etc. Before the end of each school year , combined with inventory work on the instrument , to focus on the various types of equipment, materials or maintenance of a level .

Three instrument repair scope and technical requirements:

1 . Instrument repair is the repair due to normal or infrequently factors ( such as the use , poor maintenance human factors , etc.) caused by damage to the equipment, so as to restore ( recovered ) to the original state of the art .

2 repair work on the principle borne by the experimenter , but due to the different technical capabilities each service , so who require disassembly, replacement parts , or overhaul of AUTOCLAVESALE medical waste autoclave equipment , must approve the submitted materials division .

3 who found the instrument does not belong to a fault occurs within the warranty coverage , you should immediately stop using it. Materials submitted to the laboratory responsible person or department audited to determine the degree of fault and repair personnel , by the repair person fill out the ” instrument repairman card ” after repair work can be carried out . After the repair work , the person in charge or reporting laboratory supplies department , signed after acceptance , the end of the repair work on the use of personnel , equipment put into use.

Heat Sterilization And Disinfection Development

Heat Sterilization And Disinfection Development

Disinfection and dental instrument sterilization methods available in all of the heat is an application of the earliest , most reliable results , the most widely used methods. Heat can inactivate all microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and strong resistance to most bacterial spores before . Therefore , not only the thermal disinfection and sterilization is widely used in medicine and in industry are sterilized by attention.

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Human thermal disinfection, sterilization and antisepsis has a long history , primitive and ancient people already knew how to use fire to heat food , have prevented its corruption. After entering the Middle Ages , people used fire to burn the patient’s clothes and body, to prevent epidemic diseases.

1718 , Joblot boil for 15 minutes with a reagent sterilization methods , and then enclosed in a container .

Later , Appert (1810) developed a method using heat sterilization of food and stored in an airtight container , similar to canned food now . 1832 , Henry found that the higher the heating temperature , the greater the bactericidal power .

In 1876 , Tyndall invented the intermittent AUTOCLAVESALE sterilizing tattoo equipment sterilization . 1880 , Chamberland developed autoclaving .

1881 , koch compared 117 ℃ heat and dry heat sterilization , noting that the heat resistance of the bacteria in the presence of water vapor conditions exist vary widely. The same year in the case of water vapor saturated and unsaturated Effect of sterilization , Kinyoun (1888) suggested that when using autoclave sterilization , if the exhaust air before trying to pass steam sterilizer within it is close to vacuum , then sterilization is easy to succeed , this is called “pre- vacuum .”

In 1897 , Kinyoun developed a sandwich autoclaves, sandwich filled with steam to maintain high humidity , combined with pre-vacuum , so sterile easy to dry. Underwood (1915) envisaged in the exhaust pipe mounted on the autoclave , a steam sterilizer enter the encounter article to be sterilized , heat is absorbed , the proportion of steam increases with the temperature drop through the upper saturated steam sterilizer when the temperature is low due to the relationship between the proportion of the steam to move along the lower portion , as mounted on the bottom of the exhaust pipe disinfection , the heavier water vapor is drawn or conducive to the flow of steam . Kinyoun this idea to practical . After the autoclave was further improved to 1933 Underwood complete the basic structure of a high voltage used today .

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Zinsser dry heat sterilization have been studied and found that the insulating effect of the packaging material can lower the local temperature of the object , so that the sterilization failure.Stay tuned on .

1939 VallerRadot established a dry heat sterilization , dry heat sterilization raised temperature should not be less than 150 ℃, reaction time should be 30 minutes or more. These studies on the application of heat sterilization and disinfection has played a significant role in promoting .

How To Calculate The Sterilization Time Reasonably

How To Calculate The Sterilization Time Reasonably

Calculation of time -pressure portable steam autoclave sterilization , sterilization cabinet interior should be reaches the required temperature , counting to sterilization is completed. Total time including : thermal penetration time, that reaches to the autoclave sterilization temperature from the central part of sterile sterilization temperature has reached the desired time.

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The length of time depends on the type of nature sterile , packaging size , placement and extent of air evacuation of the autoclave and sterilizer . Sterilization holding time , i.e. the time required to kill microorganism , usually with Bacillus stearothermophilus spores kill time required to represent. 30 minutes , 12 minutes at the time when 121 ℃ 115 ℃, 132 ℃ when required 2 minutes . Safety time , usually half the time to maintain , depending on the length of its articles may be sterilized . Easy thermal sterilization of metal equipment , no safety time .Check more details on .

Generally required under the exhaust autoclaves time : 115 ℃ 30mins, 121 ℃ 15mins, 126 ℃ 10 minutes. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, sterile 115 ℃. In the microbiological laboratories , some sugar medium are sterilized with 115 ℃ 30mins because glucose is decomposed at a higher temperature .

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121 ℃ ~ commonly used in health and epidemic prevention work in sterile 126 ℃. The approximate number of the above knowledge AUTOCLAVESALE electric steam sterilizer sterilizing time , a specific sub- sterile how much time is required according to the type of goods , packaging size , placement conditions and to determine the performance of the sterilizer . The following table provides the data available for the practical work of reference .

After Sterilization Qualified Products

After Sterilization Qualified Products

After the high-pressure steam vertical autoclave sterilizer , sterilization quality monitoring for disinfection of the water content of the package failed to make clear the specific requirements set forth in the general hospital of Autoclaves Sterilizers .

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Once a month for biological monitoring , must be qualified daily air furnace for BD test must be qualified, the surgical kits and disinfection instructions tape instruction card display to achieve disinfection requirements is considered to achieve the purpose of sterilization , disinfection and sterilization in which the main factors affecting the quality of the sterilization temperature, pressure and time . Feel free to visit to get more info .So when the end of the sterilization process, as long as all the requirements to monitor compliance with the instructions , may be considered to have sterilization qualified.

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But why not allow a ” wet bag ” ? Mainly because of preservation , we know, norms , the general requirements for disinfection after sterilization in a dry sterile package to save the area , clean the shelves , in peacetime can be retained for 14 days, yellow mold days only allowed to retain 7 days , this is mainly caused by the growth of microorganisms sweat easily , if , after AUTOCLAVESALE dental autoclaves sterilization , disinfection package itself is not sufficiently dried , it will directly affect the storage time, or even parts of the package equipment corrosion occurs , the impact of the use , once a ” wet pack ” ( metal box found drops of water disinfection , feel damp cloth or wet marks ) shall notify the maintenance department check processing immediately or appropriate to extend the drying process time .