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Professional Table Top, Portable, Vertical, Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturer in China!
  • portable autoclave bluestone
    Portable Autoclave
    1. Digital display temp, time
    2. Stainless steel material
    3. Volume: 18L/24L/30L
    4. CE Certificate
    5. Brand: Bluestone
    6. Better for dental sterilization
  • table top autoclave bluestone
    Table Top Autoclave
    1. High pressure, steam sterilization
    2. Stainless steel material
    3. Volume: 20L/24L/35L/50L
    4. CE Certificate
    5. Brand: Bluestone
    6. 220V, 50HZ
  • horizontal autoclave bluestone
    Horizontal Autoclave
    1. Horizontal, front loading;
    2. Touch screen,Built-in pump
    3. Volume: 150L/200L/280L/400L/500L
    4. Full automatic sterilization, dry
    5. Brand: Bluestone
    6. LCD screen, digital display pressure, time, temp
  • vertical autoclave bluestone
    Vertical Autoclave
    1. Vertical, top loading
    2. Stainless steel material
    3. Volume: 35L/50L/100L...
    4. CE Certificate
    5. Brand: Bluestone
    6. Adjustable time, temp, pressure
  • vacuum autoclave bluestone
    Vacuum Autoclave
    1. Pre-vacuum 3 times
    2. LCD real-timd display
    3. OEM Custom Service;
    4. ISO Certificate
    5. Bluestone
    6. Automatic sterilization cycle.
  • automatic steam autoclave bluestone
    Automatic Steam Autoclave
    1. Front loading autoclave
    2. Safety Door System
    3. Volume: 300L/500L...
    4. High pressure and steam
    5. Brand: Bluestone
    6. LCD screen, digital display pressure, time, temp

Your Reliable Manufacturer of the Various Sterilizer Autoclave in China!

Autoclavesale.com is the online website of Bluestone Industrial & Trading Limited. As a professional manufacturer of medical sterilization equipments since 1996. We have accumulated experiences 17 years.

Whether you are looking for Autoclave, Sterilizer, Medical Autoclave, Hospital Autoclave or Laboratory Autoclave Sterilizer, Bluestone Ltd. can manufacture all these types high pressure and steam sterilisation Equipments.

  • Advanced Equipments for producing high quality sterilizer autoclaves:

    Owning to 2 sets of numerical control machines, 2 sets of stamping equipment and 3 sets of pressure testing machines.

  • Certificates:

    We have passed the IS09001:2000; ISO14001; ISO13485:2003; CQC certificates, etc....

  • Audit company inspection experience by CQC.

  • Value:

  • Best quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery is the most important in our brain. With this, We have established good business relationships with our customers! We will continue to cooperate with clients in an honest way based on mutual benefit!
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Bluestone Industrial & Trading Ltd. is a Autoclave and Sterilizer manufacturer and supplier for Medical, Laboratory and Food Industry Sterilization from Anhui Province, China. We can offer top quality products to Worldwide for Autoclave Wholesaler and Distributor!